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Showing the consumers how the pieces of a product move together during assembly, instead of simply telling them, has countless benefits — which can yield tangible results for manufacturers. How can developing e-instructs for your products help?

e-instructs.com = increased customer satisfaction

Enhanced Consumer Experience (Learn More)
Using animation, e-instructs makes the assembly, use and maintenance of any product simple and fun. Follow along as the e-instruction demonstrates exactly how the product is assembled and used.

Enhance Your Brand Image (Learn More)
Simplifying the assembly and use of your product with an e-instruction will improve your brand image in the eye of the consumer.

Expand Your Web Presence (Learn More)
The Internet is the ultimate customer resource when shopping for products and
e-instructs.com can help significantly boost your products’ Web presence.

Go Green! (Learn More)
Support green initiatives by reducing paper, chemicals and energy required to make paper instructions.

Safety First (Learn More)
e-instructs.com support animated Notes, Cautions and Warnings that call attention to customers.

e-instructs.com = increased revenue

e-instructs.com can help convert your instructions froma cost center into a profit center with direct one-to-one marketing opportunities, product, accessory and replacement parts ordering directly from within the e-instruction itself.

Increase Up-Sell Opportunities (Learn More)
“Smart Product Selling” helps increase sales of related products, accessories and replacement parts directly from within a products e-instruction.

Simplify Replacement Part Ordering (Learn More)
With “One-Click” Ordering of replacement parts from store, web store or third parties by simply clicking on the part within the e-instruction.

Direct One-to-One Marketing Opportunities (Learn More)
Offer your customers new products, accessories or other offers directly within the products e-instruction.

Attract New Customers (Learn More)
Attract customers that typically shy away from products that require assembly.

e-instructs.com = reduced costs

Reduce Returns Due to Difficulties in Assembly or Usage (Learn More)
Using animation to simplify the assembly and usage of any product greatly reduces returns.

Reduce Support Center Costs (Learn More)
by watching how the product is used and assembled, customers will have far fewer questions and the need to customer support.

Reduce or Eliminate Printing Costs (Learn More)
e-instructions can significantly reduce or in some cases even eliminate the need for printed instructionsl.

Multiple Language Support (Learn More)
e-instruction can support multiple languages without having to print instructions in several languages.

e-instructs.com allows manufacturers to take the lead from competitors by changing the game. Contact e-instructs.com to see how we can help change the game by using e-instructions to reduce expenses, provide enhanced customer experiences and ultimately – helps businesses grow.

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