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e-instructs Provides Simple and Clear Instructions

At some point every customer has opened a box, eager to assemble their new product and found a big bag of assorted parts and a book of complex instructions that would make an engineer think twice.  Many times, fasteners are not shown to scale and therefore it is almost impossible to select the correct one.  With e-instructs.com, the customer is provided detailed views of all fasteners (to scale), small parts and their assemblies. 

As the saying goes, “it’s all in the details” and e-instructs tackles even the smallest details. Through the use of animated call-outs, e-instructs demonstrates to the customer exactly how these small pieces move and fit together, significantly simplifying your products assembly. When it comes to details, e-instructs uses animated line drawings, transparencies and cut-away views to reveal the intricate details of your products' assembly that are not easily represented using pictures or video.  

e-instructs provides far greater details of the use and assembly of any product than is possible with standard instructions making the use and assembly quick, simple and clear.  By watching the animated instructions the customer can see exactly how to use and assemble the products, step-by-step, and simply follow along.

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